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Window Furnishing Tips and FAQs

I’m decorating on a budget – what would you suggest?

If you’re decorating on a budget, roller blinds are inexpensive, simple and provide a tidy window cover and privacy for your home. Dressed with a co-ordinating fabric pelmet that hides the roller blind mechanism, the pelmet helps to reduce unwanted light and finish the window with a touch of style. This is a popular window treatment option for first home buyers.

What type of window coverings are most energy efficient and help reduce my power bill?

The environment and energy efficiency is upmost in many home owners’ minds—whether you’re building, renovating, or just paying the power bill! It’s become a very important consideration when decorating a window as precious energy just flows out the window if not done right. This is a key consideration when considering the inexpensive option of roller blinds as, whilst they are inexpensive to purchase, their insulation performance is very low and so in the long run they’ll be less effective in reducing utility costs. However, if you prefer the simplicity of a blind over curtains, then the honeycomb cellular blinds are great for insulation efficiency (see below).

What advantages do honeycomb cellular blinds have over other blinds or curtains?

The honeycomb cellular blind is available in block-out and translucent fabrics, in a variety of colours, and will suit a range of applications, including:

  • Glass panel doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Stacker doors
  • Small, narrow windows
  • Large, wide windows
They can be further dressed up with a soft sheer that will add elegance to a lounge or privacy for rooms that face the street. Durable and easy to maintain, they are equal in insulation performance to a block-out lined drape with an elegant simplicity. Honeycomb cellular blinds are a great choice when looking for a modern-look and an energy efficient window covering!

What window furnishings will help add warmth and character to my home?

Some people prefer the warmth, texture and colour that a block-out lined curtain brings to a room. With an abundance of fabric choices available, drapes can dramatically determine the final look of a room. They can be bold or understated; co-ordinated with a decorative pelmet; dressed to the nines with traditional swags and cascades; or stylishly finished with a decorator track. They can also be very theatrical, falling from ceiling to floor. The heading of a curtain or drape can be pinch pleat, box pleat, soft pleat or pencil pleat. Your preference will be clear when you see the examples we have in our show room. If wall space permits, we recommend extending your curtains, so that the fully open drape completely clears the window and allows maximum light into your room.

What can I do to reduce the noise and echo in my house?

With many new homes are built with large, open living areas – often with hardened surfaces - that make noise and echo a problem. Furniture, rugs and certain types of window coverings will help reduce this problem. While a natural tendency in a modern home is to choose blinds or shutters, the soft fabric of a curtain or sheer will greatly assist with absorbing the echo from hard surfaces and will also balance the stark look of a large, open space.

What types of window coverings work best in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries?

Utility rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and a laundry need a simple window covering. Any room where water, grease and steam are every day factors, the best choice is a window treatment that is simple and easy to clean. Roller blinds and shutters are often a good option. They each have a different look and price point, but both are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

How can I find inspiration for custom window treatments and soft furnishing ideas?

Inspiration is at our fingertips today! Whether it’s your favourite home decorating magazine or online source - pin it or clip it! Keep your research and inspiration collated, and over time you’ll find a common thread in your selections that represents the look you like - right down to the type of fabric, furnishing textures and decorating styles. Bring your library of ideas in with you and we’ll be happy to help create your perfect room.

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